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Submission + - Amazon Wipes Kindle and account; won't say why. (

rtfa-troll writes: Thinking of giving someone a Kindle or other restricted tablet for Christmas? Maybe you should think again. Amazon reserves the right to destroy it's contents at any time and won't even explain why. At least this is what Martin Bekkelund is claiming in his blog posting which includes the contents of emails from Michael Murphy at Amazon's Executive Customer Relations with the classic quotes "Please know that any attempt to open a new account will meet with the same action." and "we are unable to provide detailed information on how we link related accounts". How would you feel if your father in law's book collection suddenly disappeared from the kindle you bought him with no explanation? This story has been picked up by the UK Newspaper the Guardian although an Amazon sales rep claimed it was false to one commenter there The Guardian states that Amazon has refused to give any official comment so far. Even if this does turn out to be false, it's a good reminder of what can and will happen when DRM means that big media no longer has pirate copies to compete against. This kind of remote wipe is going to be difficult to avoid since both Microsoft and Apple also reserve the power to remotely wipe your device (though in Apple's case this is only ever known to have been used for security reasons and even Google tied Android tablets could be forced to install such a feature with a court order. Almost the only devices immune to this type of attack are third party (non Google integrated) Android tablets and Mer based tablets aimed at Linux hackers.
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Amazon Wipes Kindle and account; won't say why.

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