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+ - Timed coding tests... are the that valuable? 1

Submitted by xkrebstarx
xkrebstarx (1703372) writes "A buddy of mine recently applied to a "tech-giant". Before setting up a phone interview with him, the unnamed company issued a timed coding test to gauge his coding prowess. He was allotted 45 minutes to complete an undergraduate level coding assignment. I would like to ask the Slashdotters of the world if they find value in these speed-programming tests. Does coding quickly really indicate a better programmer? A better employee?

Coding should be calm, deliberate, and cautious. Writing code under pressure leads to bugs, short-sited designs, and a maintenance nightmare. Of course our employers want us to produce "more code", but is coding quickly sustainable?"
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Timed coding tests... are the that valuable?

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  • Do you format when you code?
    Do you use stupid variable names?
    Do you error check at all?
    Do you comment your code?

    That's what you find out in 45 minutes.

    2nd round interview is collaborating on code, troubleshooting, etc. Take this existing structure, make it do this differently. Go.

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