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+ - Researcher promising Chrome 0day a no-show at security con->

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chicksdaddy writes "A planned talk that was to unveil a new and previously unknown (or “zero day”) vulnerability in Google’s Chrome web browser was cancelled on Saturday after the researcher, Ucha Gobejishvili, backed out, citing difficulties obtaining a visa to travel to New Dehli, India, where the Malcon hacking conference was held.

The organizer of Malcon, Rajshekhar Murthy, confirmed in an email to Security Ledger that Gobejishvili cancelled his talk at the last minute.

“(Ucha) did not come at (sp) the conference due to visa issues in the last minute,” Rajshekhar Murthy wrote in an e-mail to Security Ledger on Monday. “The issue stated was he was called in last minute (sp) by the military for compulsory service which conflicted with our event dates.”

There were questions about Gobejishvili’s presentation from Google and others. The researcher, who is credited with discovering a number of cross site scripting and SQL injection holes, said he would demonstrate an exploit – but not release proof of concept code for it that could be independently verified. He also declined to give Google any information about the hole, despite claims that he discovered it in July.

A copy of Gobejishvili’s presentation slides shared with Security Ledger revealed little about the specifics of the exploit, which Gobejishvili dubbed “Calypso,” beyond a YouTube video that purports to show the exploit being used to run malicious code in the Chrome browser."

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Researcher promising Chrome 0day a no-show at security con

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